New Music: Husky Rescue – Deep Forest Green E.P.

Finnish electronic trio Husky |Rescue are returning this year with an album of new material. The recent release of their E.P. Deep Forest Green provided a teaser of the delights to expect.

‘Skin of Snow’ is an elegant string-led ballad with Johanna Kalen’s icy-clear vocals delicately calling to mind the ‘skin of snow’ of the title. Gorgeous inter-play between vocals, and unusual choice of lead instrument single this track out immediately as a definite highlight.

Title track ‘Deep Forest Green’ offers a change of pace. With it’s lively staccato rhythms, Kalen’s light vocals and darker shades with pulses of synths, Husky Rescue create a track that doubles as a living soundscape of the ‘deep forest green’.

The Deep Forest Green E.P. is available now on the band’s new El Camino label.

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