New Music: Fol Chen – 200 Words

LA born band, Fol Chen will be realising their third compilation ‘The False Alarms’ on Asthmatic Kitty Records on April 2nd. Sinosa Loa is on lead vocals and the tracks are produced by Samuel Bing and Julian Wass. The band say that their actual genre is called “Opera House,” which is a name raised from Malcolm McLaren.

Dramatized and airy track ‘200 Words’ from the compilation will be available from March 19th and has a definite electro-pop sound to the track. It could quite easily fit into the charts but is not too typical of the particular genres that are so ever exposed within commercial music of today. ‘200 Words’ is unique in the sense of spoken vocals and a chilling, forbidding melody that is proclaimed throughout.

Fol Chen tells a story throughout the affluent chords, progressive rhythms and the addictive piece of music that is shown through ‘200 Words’. It’s beautifully composed and gives vocals, which makes you think more inquisitively and open your mind to possibility.

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