Moya – A Little More Love (Single Review)

The last time I reviewed a Moya track the biggest problem I had with it was that it felt a little static. That it ended in the same place that it started without going anywhere else in between, that where you were at the end of the four and a half minutes is exactly where you started.

And while you can say the same for this track the difference is that instead of feeling stationary it feels as if it is coming full circle. The track begins with Moya’s signature understated vocals and softer subtle tones. They are accompanied by a slow and well defined piano punctuating the silence between lyrics. Its when that piano becomes distorted you realize there’s more going on here.

It prepares you for a drop into electro territory. A sudden increase in layers add texture to the track, allowing it to stand on it’s own as opposed to being a vehicle for her voice. It also means that Moya has sufficient support in bringing the song to a crescendo. Her voice is more suited to the whispers that draw the listener in rather than the showy off climax that wows an inattentive audience, so the help is necessary for the song to have range.

A melancholy little tune that sneaks up on you and gets your attention before you even know that you were listening to it, A Little More Love is perhaps a prelude to the success of a sultry voice that will have a career defining summer.