LISTEN: Katy B – Danger EP

Katy B is back with her EP “Danger” where she reminds us of her unique sound we’ve been craving this last year. The first track “Aaliyah” starts with a naked beat and we then hear Katy B’s soft but powerful tones layered with some electronic sounds to create a mellow clubby feel, which is different from some of her other tracks we’ve heard in the past when she’s collabed with Magnetic Man and other artists from her genre to create fast paced tracks. Throughout the rest of the EP we hear Katy B’s original sound that we all know and love… Although saying this she has stepped up in terms of a “new sound” as even though her track “got paid” is very much like her old tracks she’s got the extra edge with the addition of Wiley who gives the track the kick it needs. This 4 track EP I know without doubt will be the talk of the town over the next 6 months at least, as “Aaliyah” which is her most popular track at this moment in time has been replayed on my iTunes at least 100 times. Her music is contagious and her new but original sounds in these tracks on her EP are just gold dust..

Katy B’s free EP is available to download on her Soundcloud which feature collaborations with Jessie Ware, Diplo, Azealea, Wiley and many more.

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