The four piece Australian band San Cisco is classically indie. Their newest four song EP album,
Beach, starts off its songs with mellow, truly coastal guitar melodies. Then you get hooked with
Jordi Davieson’s unique voice. His voice is reminiscent of comparable indie bands like Boy &
Bear and The Lumineers.

The album has a nice mix of different genres. There are electronic elements for your synth pop
lovers. There’s a bit of 50s pop as well to give the songs a softer overall tone.

It’s a nice EP, but the songs leave me waiting for a “wow” moment. Davieson’s voice has some
great potential and I personally would like to hear it take center stage at least a few times. Is
San Cisco a good band to listen to on a warm day while watching clouds roll bye? Yes. Could
they ever become my favorite band? No.

The song I enjoy most from the EP is “Reckless.” Again, the intro is great, the lyrics are personal,
and the melody is appealing. It would be so much more powerful if it was stuck between three
other powerful songs. I will say this though; their songs have a fun, unpretentious vibe.

They have been recognized by Triple J Unearthed, an online indie music website that
discovered bands like Boy & Bear and Middle East, and release under Columbia Records.