Django Django – Hand of Man (Video Review)

Parties and picnics are the two main events occurring in ‘Hand of Man’, the new video from Mercury Music Prize-nominated gents Django Django, and who doesn’t like either of those? A collaboration between drummer David Maclean and his brother, BAFTA Best Short Film winner 2012 John Maclean, ‘Hand of Man’ was filmed in black-and-white Super 8 in a warehouse with many fashionable looking revellers, and although it may occasionally veer into college film project territory, its quirkiness and laid-back qualities are enough to make this a success, especially when considering the stripped-down musicianship and strong vocal instrumentation of the track itself. Described as “an end of great things” by the Director, let’s hope it’s only the video he’s referring to, not the long term future of Django Django, as that would be a crying shame.