If Heaven had a soundtrack, there’s a fine chance the new song ‘Lights’ by British electro-pop duo Alpines, would feature on it.

Catherine Pockson’s ethereal vocals harmonise perfectly with Bob Matthews’ atmospheric instrumentals, delivering a sound that will make you bleed with emotion. Vocally, the power in Pockson’s angelic voice assaults before it then softens the blow, nursing your ears back to good health with a loving caress. The delivery of the lyrics is so emotive and yet so powerful – akin to a warm, tight embrace – as you are taken on a journey from hopelessness to redemption.

Matthews’ instrumentals serve to emphasise the beauty and nurturing present in this song – with each tear shed in Pockson’s voice, the instrumentation gently wipes your eyes. The ballad-sy piano is laden with funereal undertones, and yet the tapping percussion breathes life into ‘Lights’, reminiscent of a lonely heartbeat. The sweeping sound that tapers to flutters before building again, resonates the ebbs and flows of the tides of life.

The video for ‘Lights’ feels a little mismatched to the perfection of this song. A young girl, self-absorbed in painful thought, goes about her shift in a textiles factory. Imagery of a soldier in the throes of committing suicide interjects, and upon his death, flashbacks of his memories flood the screen. The relationship between the two characters is difficult to identify, detracting from the emotive and nurturing connection within the song.

‘Lights’ is a song that quite literally transcends from the Heavens. If you’ve ever wanted to float on a cloud into oblivion, this is as close as you will get.