The Fear, Channel 4 – Monday-Thursday, 10pm

Channel 4 have rolled out some big new dramas already this winter, with Everyday and Secret State, and follow those with The Fear, a four part drama airing all week.

The Fear stars Peter Mullan as a former crime boss turned legitimate business man who is dragged back into the criminal world as an Albanian family arrive in Brighton and threaten to take over.  The series is written by Richard Cottan who has previously adapted Wallander for BBC4, and looks like it could be an explosive and compelling drama.

The Town, ITV1 – Wednesday, 9pm

The Town is a new three part drama written by acclaimed playwright Mike Bartlett.  It stars Andrew Scott (Sherlock’s brilliant mad Moriarty) as a man returning home after 10 years following what the press release calls a ‘shocking incident within an otherwise normal family’.

I don’t often find myself willingly putting on ITV1, but The Town seems like it could be worth watching.

The Inbetweeners, E4 – Wednesday, 10pm

This is the premiere of the US remake of one of Channel 4’s most successful shows, which was developed for MTV by the man who wrote Wild Hogs, Brad Copeland.

I realise that this is not exactly what you’d call a ‘sure-fire hit’, but it should be worth watching just to see how those ruddy Americans interpreted the adventures of Simon ‘Briefcase Wanker’ Cooper and friends.  Having said that, the show was cancelled after one series, so it probably wasn’t well.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Sky Arts 1 – Thursday, 9pm

This four part comedy-drama sees Daniel Radcliffe playing a younger version of Jon Hamm’s Russian doctor as he begins his career in 1917.

As Radcliffe’s doctor struggles to come to terms with the way of life in the Russian village he’s assigned too, he starts to get help from his imaginary older self, played by Hamm, who helps him cope with the cases he is presented with, and to become a man.  It looks like a very funny series and another interesting choice for Radcliffe as he puts that Potter lad firmly behind him.

Freeview Film Of The Week

David Fincher weekend, Film4 – Friday/Saturday

David Fincher weekend starts at 8:50 on Friday night. An interview with Fincher is followed by Panic Room (2002) at 9pm, and then Fight Club (1999) at 11:10.  On Saturday there’s The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008) at 9pm, followed by Alien 3 (1992) at 12:10, even though the first rule of David Fincher club is ‘We do not talk about Alien 3’.