Mooli – Love Hurts

The newly released “Love Hurts” by UK band Mooli sounds like something you would hear in an 80s movie, namely a scene where the main character lifts his head up to survey a sun-drenched room full of passed out peers after a late night of hard liquor and drugs. It’s a quiet song that lays everything out for the listener. The airy vocals lilt along with the synth sounds and high hat beat.

Unfortunately, Mooli might have made everything a little too superficial with this one.

Maybe it’s my personal preference that overshadows my objectivism. I like songs with a little bit of bass and darkness to them. But on the rare occasions when I do listen to synth pop, I like songs that I can at least dance to. “Love Hurts” is just too precious. There’s no depth, in the lyrics, vocals, or the melody.

However, upon listening to some of singer Kristina Copland’s acapella sessions and a few of the band’s live sets, I believe Mooli has more potential than they’re putting out there. They have the connections; they have been featured on mixes with artists like Lady Gaga and Akon and also have partnered their own Mooli Music label with Toolroom Records. Just mix in a little bit of substance and I think the band could create something with potential.