After last week’s nail-biting conclusion, the CIA find themselves in a pickle. Brody’s missing and Carrie’s still a little hysterical, so everything’s falling apart right? Brody soon checks in with the CIA and hurrah it finally feels like he’s definitely on the good side now, or is he? It’s this doubt that has kept us engrossed throughout the entire series. Brody gets Carrie to protect his family, so Mike is on hand to get involved as always, once again giving Brody’s wife Jessica an excuse to have some extramarital fun.

The main angle of the episode is Quinn and his real identity, which is a story perfectly balanced throughout ‘Two Hats’. All the way through, it’s not clear who Quinn is exactly which makes the episode hinge on someone other than Brody or Carrie for a change, which is a bit of light relief and variation.

I’ve got to say that Morgan Saylor who plays Dana is unfortunately getting progressively worse by each episode, the hammy acting and OTT moody teenager role is just getting a little tired at this point and focusing on that is frankly wasting screen time. The scene where Mike tries to calm her down verges on comical.

The final scenes where the CIA takes down a number of the terrorists and Roya Hammad are seriously riveting and hopefully a sign of things to come from the final episodes left in season 2. The ending is one of real ingenuity and excitement; when Quinn appears in the limo and then is a split second from killing Brody there’s so much tension it’s almost unpalatable. This shows that Brody may actually be expendable once Abu Nazir gets captured, if he ever does.

It’s a really great episode and one which feels like a catalyst for the final set of episodes that remain. There are loads of things to be dealt with in the next episode and hopefully it will be as gripping as this one.