Peep Show, Channel 4 – Sunday, 10pm

If I was an over-excited Channel 4 continuity announcer, I might say ‘Mark and Jez are back for some more zany adventures in the new series of Peep Show!’ (with a Geordie accent).

Thankfully I’m not, but the return of Peep Show is something to get excited about, as it has been almost exactly two years since series 7 aired.  That series ended with Mark asking Jez to move out so Dobbie could move in, and series 8 picks up where that left off, with Jeremy and Mark still living together while he waits for Dobbie to move in instead.

It’s good to have it back.

The Culture Show, BBC2 – Wednesday, 10pm

This week’s show has interviews with two men involved in the making of two of this winter’s most anticipated movies (both for massively different reasons).

Andrew Graham-Dixon talks to Lee Child, the creator of Jack Reacher, as the release of the first Reacher movie, imaginatively called Jack Reacher, draws ever closer.  Much has been made of Tom Cruise being cast as Reacher, but what does Child think about it?

Mark Kermode speaks to director Ben Wheatley about his new film Sightseers, his follow up to 2011’s brilliantly dark Kill List.  Sightseers looks like another weird take on British life, so where does Wheatley get his ideas from?

Falcon, Sky Atlantic– Thursday, 10pm

Sky Atlantic continue with their adaptations of Robert Wilson’s novels, with The Silent and The Damned coming hot on the heels of The Blind Man of Seville.

Falcon investigates what at first appears to be a double suicide, but he suspects foul play and will come up against the Russian mafia while suspicious ‘suicides’ mount up.  Can Falcon solve the mystery before more people die?  Well, probably, otherwise he wouldn’t be very good at his job, would he?

An Idiot Abroad 3, Sky1 – Friday, 9pm

As the title of the show suggests, Karl Pilkington is indeed an idiot.  He’s been sent off around the world twice already by Ricky Gervais, and now he’s joined by Warwick Davis as the pair travel the Marco Polo route through Asia on a bike.

The previous two series of An Idiot Abroad have often been hilarious, but also sometimes surprisingly interesting, as Karl learns to cope with new cultures and people well out of his comfort zone.  The addition of Warwick Davis is an interesting one, can the two get along, or will they just annoy each other?

For whatever reason, Stephen Merchant doesn’t seem to be involved this time, so expect a lot more of Gervais annoying Karl by forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to, and laughing maniacally when Karl phones him to complain.

Bad 25, BBC2 – Saturday, 9:45pm

With all of the weirdness that surrounded Michael Jackson throughout his adult life, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how important and influential his musical career was, particularly during the late 70s and 80s.

Whatever you think of him as a man, as a music superstar he made some of the biggest albums of that era, and Spike Lee’s documentary celebrates the 25th anniversary of his massively successful 1987 album, Bad (obviously).

The film combines behind the scenes footage of the recording sessions for the album, as well as interviews with the people involved in making it and various current stars influenced by it, such as Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Cee Lo Green and Kanye West.  Should be an interesting insight into one of the biggest albums of all time.

Freeview film of the week:

Heat (1995), Film4 – Friday, 9pm

Michael Mann’s classic crime thriller pits Robert De Niro’s bank robber against Al Pacino’s LA detective.

There’s an all-star cast, a brilliant script and some spectacular set pieces, and anytime Heat is on television, it’s a must watch.