The Killing, BBC4 – Saturday, 9pm

The Killing returns to BBC4 for its third and final series, with back-to-back episodes as Sarah Lund has another gruesome murder to investigate.  This series is set during an election year, with the financial crisis a hot topic and will be Lund’s final case before she moves onto a new job.  The first two series of The Killing were critically acclaimed, and series 3 is unlikely to be any different.  If, like me, you’ve yet to watch any of it, you’ve got about 150 hours to watch the 30 episodes that make up the first two series…go!

Everyday, Channel 4 – Thursday, 9pm

If nothing else, Everyday certainly sounds like an ambitious piece of television.  John Simm plays an imprisoned man with limited interaction with his family.  That might sound like a straightforward plot for a drama, but the difference with Everyday is that it was filmed over 5 years, so we’ll see Simm, Shirley Henderson (who plays his wife) and their children aging naturally as it progresses.   Director Michael Winterbottom is not afraid to break the mould when it comes to film or television, so this should be a fascinating watch.

The Hour, BBC2 – Wednesday, 9pm

He may be finished as Malcolm Tucker, but Peter Capaldi isn’t finished on BBC2, and he joins the cast of The Hour for its second series as the new head of news, Randall Brown.  The second series is set in 1957, and The Hour team now have a rival in ITV’s Uncovered.   The Hour’s cast includes Skyfall’s Q (Ben Whishaw) and The Wire’s McNulty (Dominic West) and has been criticised as trying to cash in on the success of Mad Men, but does that really matter if it’s fun to watch?

Falcon, Sky Atlantic – Thursday, 10pm

Based on Robert Wilson’s novels about a Spanish detective, Falcon is another drama produced by Sky Atlantic themselves, rather than imported from America.  Marton Csokas stars as the titular detective, and the show is set in steamy Seville (well, that’s what the press release says) and features a strong cast.  This is the second show Sky Atlantic commissioned themselves, after Hit and Miss.  That show was, well, hit and miss, so will Falcon be any better?  Only way to find out is to get watching.

Freeview Film Of The Week

Submarine (2011), Film4 – Monday, 9pm

Submarine is the feature length debut of Richard Ayoade, and was one of 2011’s best films.  There’s a Wes Anderson-esque feel to it, but it’s much more than a British version of any of his films.  Set in Wales it’s a comedy drama about young love featuring some great performances from new and established cast members.  There’s a great soundtrack from Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys too, so check it out.