Last Friday I mingled with the three most important Danish people in the world…Sandy Toksvig, the Danish ambassador to the UK and of course Sofie Grabol, aka Sarah Lund from The Killing.  And when I say mingle I mean I was in the same screening room with them for the preview of The Killing’s 3rd series at the British Film Institute.

Series 3 is the last series of The Killing, and that was confirmed at the screening by writer/creator Soren Sveistrup during an interesting Q&A after the screening of episode 1, and further confirmed by Sofie herself, reluctantly!  The third series sees Sarah Lund in a more unusual situation than before; she now lives alone, estranged from her son, and is in the process of trying to arrange a new job with the Danish Police.  For once she appears to have interests outside of her job.

She also has a new (very young) partner, one so wet behind the ears he need regular guidance and for once we see Sarah out of the famous jumper and in full dress uniform for a ceremony to celebrate her 25 years of service.  However, in true Lund style the case at hand drags her away from a handshake with the commissioner.

BBC Four are showing two episodes for the next five Saturdays which means I won’t divulge any spoilers here, while the lucky Danes are about to see episode 9 and I’m sure rumours of how the series ends will be flooding onto the internet soon.  Soren did reveal he often writes right up to the last minute, which actors must love!  He even hinted that with the wealth of betting in Denmark on who the killer is, he might have been tempted to affect the betting, but has resisted so far.

Fans of the show will be happy that this series is effectively a ten episode chase scene with flashlights for lighting and haunting music.  In episode one a disused ship provides a great location for this weeks chase and we can only hope for bigger and better locations.  For intrigue this series also heavily features the Danish Prime Minister and an upcoming election, borrowing more than few lines from fellow Danish export “Borgen”.

In the Q&A Sofie said she was happy to be putting Lund behind her, but happy to have immersed herself into the role and opportunities it has provided; we just simply say “Tak” (Danish for thanks) and look forward to the ten week chase.

The Killing begins on BBC4 tonight at 9pm