Storyteller – Such Gold

Storyteller – Such Gold

Out of the blue and then gone; “Storyteller” by Such Gold is a fierce, swaggering slice of hardcore that slams down on your speakers, blares out for a few moments and then it’s gone.

With thumping, screamed lyrics that speak of the sort of nihilistic alienation that you might expect from modern punk, Storyteller hammers away in a vaguely melodic fashion and evokes “Parkway Drive” and many more modern hardcore bands.

Such Gold are supporting “Funeral For A Friend” ahead of their debut album’s release in 2013 and this exposure will hopefully see them reach a larger audience.  According to the band themselves, the new album is twenty eight minutes of “pure aggression” and this song is quite a good indication of that.

Of course there’s nothing really wrong with the song.  It’s a brief, hammer blow and then it fades way.  If you like hardcore bands then it’s likely to appeal to you.  If you don’t, then you only have to put up with it for 95 seconds.

Richard Hart

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