Review: Modern Panic III


‘Psyche Exploding Art.’

If you hadn’t already read our previous interview with art curator James prior to the opening of modern panic 3, then those 3 words above will mean very little to you. But after fridays brimming event last week this modern panic description meant little to me either.

When entering this very packed venue for the grand opening of modern panic’s third installement I suppose being an art lover I cockily thought I knew everything there was to be going to thrown at me at this event, and since eargerly trecking to bethnal green and flinging open the doors with haste I can easily say I couldn’t have been more wrong.

An explanation that the content for the event was one to have been spewed from the wet dream of a Tracey Emin and Francis Bacon love child where the objective to ‘disturb’ was paramount, is to put this one lightly. I now wholey understand why James said that it will express a whole different type of reaction from person to person, case in point my plus one’s reaction wasn’t in shock like mine but in laughter, so although very innovative some things really were out there.

Modern Panic expressed a multitude of different art mediums and styles from disturbing but encapsulating angelic and demonic photography by artist Kyle Thompson (one I would definitely say to look at) to a realistic sculpture of a dead headless human being it was safe to say there was a wealth of different things to browse. But although all very interesting in their own right, I did feel the echo of a similar ‘shock’ tainted brush was used throughout most of the work, and although I know this was the whole idea of the event.. I did feel there should’ve been a few more pieces like Charles Bronsons illustrations to lighten the mood, (‘lighten’ having never appeared in my descriptive vocabulary for a mass murderer’s work).

A-side from my personal vendetter I had against some of the work displayed, the overall talent was clear to see, as well as great curation and I will agree that James’s description to go in with an open mind with this exhibition as its set to obliterate your exsitence as wella as your psyche until the 2nd of December is to say the least, but still one to definitely take a look.

Just remember ‘expect the unexpected’.

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