Pinback - Information Retrieved (Album Review)

Pinback – Information Retrieved (Album Review)

Pinback are a well known name amongst the indie rock community, with five studio albums under their belts and a small army of dedicated fans, many of whom may be surprised by the latest offering from the San Diego troupe.

Information retrieved is probably well described as melancholic indie or soulful indie rock. Labels of these kinds are both inadequate to describe the sounds and feelings this album creates in the listener and misleading, giving an impression of misery filled lyrics and minor chords.

The album is a cleverly crafted journey, immediately placing it above many similar offerings in that it clearly has a beginning, a middle and an end. The opening tracks have even strangers to Pinback humming along in moments, drawn in by the blend of Rob Crow’s smooth vocals and Zack Smith’s deep, guiding bass.

The early tracks are slow and bring a deep, thoughtful quality to the opening of the album. As it moves towards the pinnacle, the music shifts into a playful tempo. Despite this apparent change of direction, the bass holds onto the more serious nature of the lyrics and carries the themes on. Coming in at the end is a strangely hopeful tweak, still supporting the overall feel but less hyper than the central tracks, somehow a more mature cheerfulness.

Information retrieved is a distinguished offering from a much loved band and one that their followers will love. It is a wonderfully rounded album from a talented group of musicians.  But more than that, it has a persuasive, inclusive appeal that makes even the most casual listener an instant fan.

Pinback play a one-off UK date at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on December 13th. Visit the band at or on Facebook.

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