Limbo Kids - Wanderlust (EP Review)

Limbo Kids – Wanderlust (EP Review)

Their delicate guitars and strings may radiate the same sadness that The XX pull off so well, however their sound cuts deeper. They are not trance inducing, their sound is far too intriguing for that. “Heartshots” is the introductory track to Limbo Kids’ new EP, with the sharpest of beats and a vocal overlay that evolves throughout the track. Hand-claps, harmonies and an electrofied outro give the track a retro blast, in a pure disco fashion. With title track “Wanderlust” we catch a glimpse of the softer side of Limbo Kids. The cloud of mystery that casts over the band will inevitably work in their favour, just like it did for the likes of Delphic and Friendly Fires. When a listener can’t quite size an artist up it leaves them all the more interested; they’re hooked. Which is exactly what “Wanderlust” does, making it the perfect lead into the final track “Desire”. The layering of synths and percussion lays the foundations for their beautifully airy chorus. Limbo Kids convey their emotions in the most graceful of ways, mastering their craft along in the midst of it all. The Oxford duo released their EP on the 12th November, and is available to purchase via Amazon.