Zombies have enjoyed some great times on the Silver Screen over the past years, and with the recent release of the rather excellent *ahem* Cockneys Vs Zombies and the forthcoming World War Z,  it seems like those dastardly brain munchers won’t be returning to their graves anytime soon.

But I what I’d like to see more of is zombies on the small screen, especially something produced from our own murky shores. But with series 3 of the phenomenal The Walking Dead talking major plaudits, do we even need one…?

There’s something awesomely entertaining about watching some poor hapless human getting torn limb from limb by a horde of the undead. For those who disagree I can only question your mental faculties.

On to the question at hand though: Is there room for another zombie-centric TV show?

Now the idea of asking if there’s “room” for a TV show this day and age can seem pretty absurd. Let’s be honest, the TV schedules are littered with TV shows that could be considered carbon copies of each other. But when you’re dealing with a niche genre, the question becomes more valid.

These days, the fantasy and supernatural genre is being more widely enjoyed than ever and by a more diverse range of people. With the immense success of Stephanie Myer’s Twilight franchise, both the books and the theatrical releases, no member of the supernatural community is enjoying more success than the vampire.

TV shows like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, True Blood, Being Human and the short lived, but nevertheless great, Blade: The Series have all drummed up quite a cult following, and have all helped push the vampire into the main stream popularity that it currently enjoys.

Whilst both being members of the undead, zombie TV shows are a different beast all together.

With the aforementioned vampire TV shows, we – as viewers, get an insight into how and why the vampire characters act as they do. Yes they share the same theme of drinking blood, but also have different and individual motivations. We know what makes then laugh, what makes them cry.

Zombies, whether it’s the classic Dawn of the Dead type or the fast and infected type from 28 Days Later, they are completely unreliable to us as human beings.

And this is where the problem lies.

Great zombie TV shows and films tend to be about the story of the survivors as opposed to the zombies themselves. The zombies serve as an external threat and/or even as a reflection of the daily grind human life. Take away the zombies are you’re back to having yourself another generic “post-apocalyptic” survivor story.

Immediately I’m thinking back to the BBC’s 2008 series Survivors, a show that could have been so much better than it turned out to be.

So, what would make a great zombie TV show that could be enjoyed along with The Walking Dead? We got close with BBC’s 2011 Series The Fades (not technically zombies but whatever), which was such an original breathtaking piece of fresh air, it’s almost criminal it didn’t get a second series.

It could quite possibly be that for now, when it comes to zombies on TV, The Walking Dead is enough. So with plenty more zombie inspired movies waiting for us in 2013, not to mention zombie-related video games and books, is it just a case of me wanting too much?