We finally got to catch up with Columbian street artist Stinkfish after his latest rooftop appearance at the High Roller Society last month

Could you tell us the story behind the name ‘Stinkfish’

There is not a great story, I started to tag Stink when I was 15  in the walls and tables of school, I just liked the meaning of the word. Later I added the Fish, as a whim. Then I got involved fully in  graffiti and I already had a name ready to use. At other times I also use names as Knits, Quetzal or Hate.

When did you first discover your passion for street art?

I started to paint 10 years ago, but from a long time ago I really liked street life, walk around, see the people, pick up things from the street.

How long did it take you to learn the technique of spray paint and stencil work?

I’m still learning

How long did it take you to establish your own personal style?

I have different times and styles, I prefer to go changing, today my work is recognized by the portraits that I do, but perhaps change to something very different over time.

Shapes are heavily used in the detail of your work, If you were made to chose one specific shape to use in the rest of your body of work from here on in which would it be and why?

My style comes from different influences and hence I think the forms that I use, mix and combination of all these forms give a meaning to what I do, would be difficult to rule out either.

Most of your art has a powerfully political ideal surrounding it. What is your biggest political influence?

Daily life, the most political act that exists is go out and cross it, appropriating the space that belongs to all of us.

I don’t belong to any conventional political movement, my ideas are identified more with some than with others, but I prefer not being to attached to a vicious circle.

Out of all the different materials and surfaces you have created work upon which would you say excites you the most and why?

Always the walls of neighborhoods with real life, stories and reality.

What has been your proudest piece to date?

Hard to answer, believe that they are many, some for personal stories, others by their size, difficulty, place.

ESPINA // STINKFISH // HIGH ROLLER SOCIETY // LONDON // 2012 from stinkfish on Vimeo.