So the game’s up, Brody’s been caught, Homeland must be coming to an end right? Not a chance! Episode 5 comes at us after one of the most nail-biting endings last week and Q & A is an episode shaped around Brody’s interrogation by Quinn and the ever-present Carrie. It’s not a fast moving or high octane episode but it’s one which can be seen as a catalyst and turning point when looking at the bigger picture of the series.

All the way through the interrogation, Brody maintains that he never wore a suicide vest but merely made a tape claiming he was. The scene where Quinn stabs Brody in the hand and Carrie takes over is a great one and an interesting take on the ‘good cop/bad cop’ angle. After this, Carrie shuts off all the cameras in the room and begins to talk to Brody on an intimate level, she talks of how he broke her heart and how he destroyed her life which feels like an odd angle to take but it does work and he opens up eventually.

After some time, Brody admits to everything and names a handful of his contacts; he also confirms that Abu Nazir is planning an attack on the US. He then gets a deal, which is fairly extraordinary and unbelievable, wherein if he helps the CIA against Nazir they will just let him go and move away like nothing ever happened.  As ridiculous as that sounds, that seems to be the only way for the series to move forwards.

The parallel plot to the Brody interrogation is his daughter Dana’s date with Finn where they end up knocking someone over in his car and driving away. Like in other episodes, it’s difficult to know where exactly this is heading but it does stay fairly interesting and is intriguing because it’s not obvious where this will lead.

Overall the episode is gripping because of Damian Lewis’s portrayal of a man on the brink of losing everything and all the lies he has told falling apart. It’s probably one of the slowest moving episodes but that’s not a problem at all because this episode was a moment of clarity and the point at which the series shifts direction.

As ever the acting is fantastic, although the scenes with Dana and Finn in the car were a little hammy but that can be forgiven because of the strange plot they’re a part of. It’s going to be really interesting to see where Homeland goes from here and how Brody and Carrie’s relationship evolves.