Homeland – I’ll Fly Away

Episode 8 opens with Dana visiting Mike at his house after running away from Brody in last week’s not so climactic climax.  This episode is a really solid and well balanced one which centres on Brody and his unstable and erratic behaviour which seems like it’s coming to a head. What’s great about this episode is that it feels like it is all about Brody, a character who has run himself to the ground and seems to be digging his own grave.

This episode also feels like one which is shifting the action towards a certain angle with 4 episodes left in the series, and there’s definitely a sense of a gear change in terms of Brody’s mission. The ending to this episode is a nail-biting one and one done with vivacity and just the right amount of action fused with genuine suspense. Damian Lewis is brilliant as ever and plays his character practically having a mental breakdown as he feels like the world is falling on top of him, with the CIA desperate for him to continue his dialogue with Roya Hammad and him feeling that Hammad and the terrorists know he’s been turned.

What’s still captivating about the series is that we still don’t actually know where Brody’s loyalties lie, yeah he’s helping the CIA but when he has proper contact with Abu Nazir we don’t know if he will begin working for him again, so there’s still a real cat and mouse side to the series. In all honesty though, the Dana storyline is getting a little tiresome and Morgan Saylor doesn’t seem to have the right amount of gravitas to pull the emotional narrative off.

The other problem with that story is that it feels like it’s simply burning time in order to pad the gaps in the series out when Brody isn’t on screen and it’s just a little weak even if the content of the story is deadly serious. The only other niggle with this episode is how easily Carrie jumps back into bed with Brody; you just think that the more that happens the more difficult it will become to keep her job,  which is everything to her, so why would she risk it? But then again she probably is still totally attached to the guy, and she apparently loved him even though she spent 6 months between series 1 and 2 without him.

This episode is probably one of the best in the series due to its pace and sheer knife-edge suspense and hopefully next week’s will match or better the quality.

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