Sun Airway - Black Noise (Single Review)

Sun Airway – Black Noise (Single Review)

Black Noise by Sun Airway is the new track from their second album Soft Fall. It starts with a section of the music being played backwards, almost as if we arrive at the end of the song and have to go back to the begging. It’s the way the music plays with your concept of time, place, perception, narrative, even reality that gives it that dreamlike quality. A half heard echo that seems like a daydream until the music stops and we realise we’ve been awake all along.

It juxtaposes a dreamy aesthetic against an upbeat tempo, pulling you in several different directions at once whilst somehow putting you at ease. Resonant vocals and harmonious synth, play over relentless percussion, herding the many elements that make up the track, gathering them to the same point where they all take part in rejoicing the of communion of sound.

Black Noise is the sound of love carried across signals into the ears of the listener and with it Sun Airway has given us all the bliss that comes with it. A proper love song that celebrates the life of love unlike most tunes on the subject which all sound like the dirges at its funeral.

Lee Hazell