I am very thankful that I’ve made it through my life to this point without ever seeing my parents have sex.  It’s safe to say that no child should ever witness that, but in this week’s South Park, Kyle’s little brother Ike does, and it’s no surprise that he’s upset and confused by it.  The confusion is intensified by the fact that Gerald and Sheila Broflovski have gotten a little kinky when Ike witnesses them doing their dirty deeds.  Gerald’s dressed as a UPS man, delivering his ‘package’ to Sheila with great enthusiasm.

So the next day, when Kyle finds Ike crying in his room, Ike shows him a picture he’s drawn.  It’s ‘UPS man’ having graphic sex with ‘Mom’.  Ike hasn’t recognised his dad, and believing that his mum is having an affair; Kyle tells Stan and Cartman about it.  Randy happens to overhear their conversation, and tells his friends down at a local bar all about it.

He later discovers Ike’s drawing, and because it just says ‘Mom’ on it, he automatically thinks that it could be his wife, Sharon, having an affair with the UPS man.  It then starts to spread around town, with the men of South Park worrying about the link between their wives getting things delivered from Amazon (and not remembering what they’ve ordered until they open it) and the UPS men delivering the packages.  They are given advice by a man who remembers a time when men would get their own milk, but when they started getting it delivered, they got lazy, and would come home to find the milkmen ‘delivering’ the good to their wives.

He goes on to tell them that in his day, they killed the milkman, and it’s this revelation that really gets the ball rolling in the episode.  Randy becomes the de facto leader of the men of South Park as they become vigilantes, exacting revenge on one particular UPS guy, and at the same time, Cartman is worrying that someone could break into his home and rape his mother (because apparently even white men are doing it these days).  So Cartman forces his mum to use Wolf Home Security and get motion sensors and expensive security systems installed at the house.

But when Cartman comes home and can’t remember the code for the alarm system, he’s disturbed to discover that the Wolf Home Security helpline team don’t seem too concerned when he can’t quite remember his password either (It’s something like ‘My friend Kyle is a dirty, lying Jew).  And he gets even angrier when he hires a guy to break into his house and ‘rape his mom’ and the helpline guy asks him if Cartman would like him to phone the cops.

While Cartman is losing his temper, Randy is taking control.  In one of the highlights of the episode, he holds up UPS man ‘Thad’ in his truck while wearing a Bane mask.  Trey Parker does an excellent Bane impression, and Randy is later joined by the other men of South Park (also wearing Bane masks) as they give Thad a right good kicking.  But they don’t kill him, and their wives continue to get Amazon packages delivered.

So all the men in South Park start getting more and more elaborate security systems installed, first in their houses, and then on themselves.  The ‘In Security’ system goes off whenever you feel fear or anxiety, so Cartman’s starts ringing when Kyle tells him the Jewish population is growing, and Randy’s when he thinks Gerald’s house is much nicer than his. The helpline team even have the system installed themselves, so when Cartman criticises one of them, he gets a call too.

It’s the best episode of this run so far, and ends with a Bane-d up Cartman delivering one of his best ‘Respect my authoritah’ lines yet.  It’s not the way anyone would have expected South Park to parody or incorporate The Dark Knight Rises in the show, but that’s why it’s so good so often.