New Video: Pat Dam Smyth – Friends

Ex Smokey Angle Shades front man Pat Dam Smyth, brings a distorted cigarettes vibe to his new project that compared to his previous band it seems a step in the right direction, he really suits this style a little bit more as you can see in his October 29th single release ‘Friends’.

When you first press play you immediately envision yourself in a friendly Irish pub, having a few beers then your mate tells you that he knows a great local guy who’s in a band, so they come down and play this song and the locals go wild with cheers as they sway back and forth singing the chorus ‘Without friends to call your name, without friends to play your games, without friends to walk you home, it’s so hard alone’, complimented by a blues guitar solo that fits the song to a tee, adding the sugar to the cup of tea with the milk being the sweet walking bass line that makes brings the jolly upbeat vibe to the song.


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