New Video: Great Pagans – Teenage Silhouettes

‘Teenage Silhouettes’ is the first single taken from Great Pagans self-titled debut E.P.

Starting off slow and ponderous, with a heady mix of bass, guitar, and drums, the haunting vocals enter, like the silhouettes of the title.

The song continues on like this for a minute and a half before upping the ante with a glorious distorted guitar riff that pushes in the song on in to exciting new territory. The song then drops back to the heady, reverb-dripping tempo of the opening section.

The lyrical hook is simple but effective, with the use of repetition also linking in with the idea of the ‘silhouettes’ in the title.

The merging images of the accompanying video suit the trance-like quality of the track.

Boasting a sensual summer sound, ‘Teenage Silhouettes’ is the perfect track to add some memories of summer to the cold October evenings ahead.

Great Pagans debut E.P. is out now on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records.

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