Egyptian Hip Hop reveal the video for their new single ‘Yoro Diallo‘, directed by Isaac Eastgate. Taking cues from the polyrhythms of ‘Remain In Light’-era Talking Heads, heady psychedelia and the stargazing monosynths of Tangerine Dream but remaining in very much it’s own realm, Yoro Diallo is a track that stands apart, but also forms an integral part of the ever-shifting puzzle of upcoming album ‘GOOD DONT SLEEP’.

The single is named after a Malian musician the band discovered through the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog, as Egyptian Hip Hop’s Alecsander Pierce explains: “There’s something about the West African, and particularly Malian, use of rhythm that really gets me going. I’m not a dancer but it’s pretty hard not to get infected by some of the grooves that these musicians create: in particular, a Malian musician by the name of Yoro Diallo. His tracks tend to have a fluid rhythm, seeming both on-beat and off-beat. There is no four to the floor. Even if the track is in 4/4, it’s also in 6/8 and someone else is playing 3/4 too. We wanted to create something with this fluid sense of pulse, that was still very danceable, and also poppy. People forget that this ‘world’ music is pop just as much as anything western and current.”

Egyptian Hip Hop live:

06/10 – Hug & Pint, Glasgow
09/10 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
11/10 – Corsica Studios, London

Egyptian Hip Hop return triumphant with their debut album on R&S Records, released on Monday 22nd October.