New Video: Deap Vally – End of the World

Who would have thought that such an energetic rock chick duo by the name of DEAP VALLY would have been formed in a needlework class just last year? Well strange things happen all the time and it just goes to show that you don’t need to be muscle bound, greasy haired bloke to make some gut busting rock and roll that break all the rules and all this from just two Californian girls with a passion for all things rock, and all they have is a raspy voiced Singer/Guitarist by the name of Lindsey Troy and Drummer Julie Edwards, bringing the nails to bang in the head of people who think girls cant rock, and rock they can and very hard too, with the release of their second single  ‘End Of The World’, which is a follow up to their just mind blowing first track ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’  an absolute cracker to release from their 2013 album.

Getting back to their latest single ‘End of the world’, a song that starts off with a distorted rock sounding siren formed by a steady drum beat and guitars, that back there End Of The World verse chants ‘C’MON EVERYBODY! LISTEN UP!, THERES NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT! TO OPEN UP OUR HEARTS AND LET LOVE SHINE IN’ which are followed by sung chants ‘C’mon take a breath now, ’cause theirs too much time wasting time spent hating’, that are carried on into dirty whiskey rock riffs off Lindsey’s guitar that really bring the song alive and turns up the amp to cram 2000 volts of rock in your ears making the song a monstrous beast of a song and its out November 19th so grab your copy or wait for their no doubt amazing debut album.

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