So we’ve reached the final episode of the first series of Moone Boy.  It’s been a very good first six episodes, it’s been consistently funny, and all of the main characters in it are well written, capable of being the main focus of a storyline in an episode, rather than the show always being just about Martin Moone and his imaginary friend Sean.

It’s Martin’s last week of primary school, and he wants to go out with a bang (or thinks he does), while his sisters Trisha and Sinead are preparing for their exams.  Martin hears his eldest sister Delma in the toilet being sick one morning (although she claims she’s shaving).  But while the kids have school on their minds, Liam and Debra are worried about the holidays; specifically, how do they get rid of the kids over the summer?

They think sending the kids away to pick strawberries could work, until they’re surprised to hear from Martin that he’s allergic to them.  It sets up an episode where Liam and Debra deliberately go out of their way to be bad parents, when they discover that Sinead is studying hard to be the top of her class because Liam promised she could go to a (very expensive, even without toilets) Girl Guide summer camp.  So they go out of their way to sabotage Sinead’s studying, telling her made up ‘facts’ about how the Cold War and War of the Roses started (Liam) and asking for her help finding a brush (Debra).

The best distraction comes when Liam heads to the school to bring Sinead a packed lunch.  It is in fact an empty tupperware box, and when he’s caught by one of the nuns, he just runs off.

Martin soon realises that he’s actually really going to miss primary school, so doesn’t want to join in with the chaos that starts to develop around him, as the school kids run wild.  There’s more great stuff from Padraig, as he initially wants everyone to sign a nice card for one of their teachers and knit them some scarves, before eventually burning his whole uniform and running around in his pants.

Martin even writes a poem for Mr. Jackson, a teacher who is having a particularly bad time of it (he’s chased some students who were spray-painting the word graffiti on the wall, but spelt it wrong), but Mr. Jackson thinks he’s called Marcus.

It’s another very funny episode, but the series does end rather strangely.  It’s seemed like Delma and Dessie have been having relationship problems throughout the episode, but it’s revealed at the end that Delma is in fact pregnant.  It’s an odd, and strangely serious, way to end the series, even if one of the final shots is Liam seemingly chasing Dessie with a knife.

But other than that, Moone Boy’s first series has definitely been a success, and with Sky having already commissioned a second series, there will be more to come next year.