As you might be able to tell from the title, this week’s episode of Moone Boy is about religion.  It’s time for Martin’s confirmation, and although his suit is too big, and he doesn’t have any leather shoes (he wears his football boots instead), he’s looking reasonably smart.  He’s asked his grandfather for his confirmation name, and he’s picked Martin (He doesn’t know what Martin was the saint of, but was one of the black ones, apparently), so Martin Moone is now Martin Martin Moone.

At the confirmation, Martin is impressed by the very cool (in his eyes) altar boys, in their snazzy outfits and with their own smoke machines (incense burners), and he wants in.  Padraig used to be an altar boy and warns him of the dangers of becoming one, but Martin’s determined to join in.  His sister Delma also wants some exciting church action, endeavouring to join the choir which is led by the cool sounds of Dessie, who never met a hymn he couldn’t add a samba beat or some bongos to.

Martin finds it surprisingly easy to become an altar boy, being accepted into the (literal) gang quickly.  He soon discovers that there’s a scam going on, as the altar boys keep any money they find on the floor, as well as money out of the collection tins, and he gets a cut of it (although he has to give Dessie a ‘taste’).  Martin gains the respect of the other altar boys when he’s caught with an envelope ‘full’ of money (well, 12p) but doesn’t tell the truth.

Delma gets some encouragement from her mum about her relationship with Dessie (sometimes you have to be just a little bit slutty), although when she asks for a lift home at night, he doesn’t say yes, as they live in different directions, and she’s just a couple of minutes away.

Martin gets more respect when he quickly reacts to an altar boy being distracted by a wood louse and pours the cruets of wine and water to save embarrassment.  But he’s working hard on improving his skills, and there’s a nice montage of him working on his techniques, while Sean slowly morphy into Mickey from the Rocky films.

It’s another episode that features some great Padraig lines; he’s really become one of the breakout stars of the show, giving Martin advice he doesn’t really understand himself and getting some of the best lines in each episode.  Here he’s a jaded former altar boy who had to get out of the game (although just as he thought he was out, they pull him back in by the end), and also gets to enjoy appearing as a dream version of himself when Martin is being questioned by the priest about the altar boys scheming.

By the end of the episode, Martin’s been kicked out of the altar boy gang for betraying them, and Delma and Dessie get to have some snogging action on the hood of his car.  It’s another good episode for what’s become a very good show.