LULS - Swing Low (Single Review)

LULS – Swing Low (Single Review)

LULS have unveiled their new single ‘Swing Low’ for tastemaking label ParadYse. The London three-piece have already enjoyed the endorsement of Zane Lowe, quite frankly you need to have a listen now, Zane Lowe knows his stuff when it comes to this music stuff.

The song itself, for me was quite unexpected. I mean, just from the band’s name alone, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The very start of the song is so heavy; I was expecting some kind of light-hearted bubbly indie affair. The guitars are very scratchy, it just sounds like pure filthy grunge. The surprisingly high voice of lead vocals goes really well with the dampness of the drums; it makes the whole song quite different and refreshing. It’s sort of like a rock anthem, it’s really quite brilliant but it took me a few listens to appreciate it more. The video is something else. It reminds me of the video for White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’. It’s like watching the band play through a trippy kaleidoscope; utterly confusing but so brilliant at the same time, you have to appreciate that it’s a great video and goes very well with the song. The band are set to go on tour in October so give them a listen, it sounds like it would be a very intense gig. In a good way.

Janna Hastings

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