Episode 3 of Homeland is a frustrating and ever so slightly disappointing affair. It’s based around Brody’s adventures wtih the Gettysburg bomb maker and is quite possibly the most contrived and irritating episode of recent memory. As a massive fan of the series it’s really hard to slate an episode but it really isn’t a high point in the series.

So Brody ends up getting a flat tire and is stuck out in the middle of nowhere whilst his wife has to wait for him to appear with his speech at the fund raiser event. The first question is, why would Abu Nazir want Brody to risk his ‘sleeper’ position by going in and removing the tailor? He could easily be spotted on the street or in his car but because he wears a baseball cap he obviously looks totally different. Also the acting is a little dire in this episode too, Zuleikha Robinson who plays the Al-Qaeda agent posing as a journalist is more hammy than the contents of an east end butchers.

The problem with the show right now is that it’s straying more and more into 24 territory each week and that was something that the first series stayed away from; it was more character based and had less OTT action and dialogue. This episode is basically a filler, the whole episode is just geared towards the ending with Saul showing Carrie the Brody tape and her knowing she was right. It turns out that the ending is the best part of the episode as Carrie finally looks like she’s going to be on the same wave length as Saul. The thing is that there could have been any storyline in this episode, all the characters could have been twiddling their thumbs for 40 minutes but as long as that ending was there, the quality of the other story lines are irrelevant.

The good parts of the episode consist of whenever Clare Danes is on screen as she’s so watchable and she has her character nailed down, so when she has a hope of getting her job back and this is shot down by Estes, we empathise immensely with her. The problem lies with the Brody storyline and when he eventually kills the tailor he kills him to shut him up, that isn’t the action of someone who has managed to foil the US government and someone cunning enough to be interfering with military operations through text message.

The episode as a whole is pretty bad, which is a real disappointment to say because it’s such a fantastic show, all we can hope is that it picks up next week because you have to believe that it’s a minor hiccup for what is usually a brilliantly written programme.