Christmas Rules

Christmas music. Shit isn’t it? Endlessly upbeat, relentlessly happy, fascistically demanding you be in a good mood from the 1st of November all the way through until at least the second week of January. Wouldn’t be so bad if they all weren’t such bloodsucking leeches using the goodwill of the season to buy themselves another solid gold Lamborghini.

Enter Paul McCartney, The Shins and such. Witness their campaign to take Christmas music back from the filthy paws of record company accountants and back into the talcum powdered hands of well-meaning musicians. That is if well-meaning musicians ever put their hands anywhere near Christmas music in the first place.

What’s that?! Oh yeah, The Pouges.

Anyway, Christmas Rules aims to bring you a more diverse selection of tunes ranging from Rockabilly, to Americana, to alt-pop, to folk, to electronica, to country, to 18th century Baroque. I may have made that last one up.

Look out for it on the 5th of November, because if anyone can make Christmas music listenable, they can.