House of Lies, Sky Atlantic – Tuesday 10pm

Set in the apparently very sexy world of management consultants, House of Lies is a comedy about Marty Khan (Don Cheadle) and his team, who will go to any length (quite often sexy lengths) to get business deals done.  The show also stars Kristen Bell, and if that isn’t a reason to watch something, then there’s no reason to watch anything.

Hunted, BBC1 – Thursday 9pm

A new espionage drama created by Frank Spotnitz (who was executive producer of The X-Files) comes to the BBC and stars Melissa George as a spy betrayed by her own team and trying to find out why before they find her.  The show is set in London, and apparently will be filmed in different European cities each series should it be a success.  This could be a huge hit for the BBC.

Modern Family, Sky1 – Friday 8pm

Season 3 of Modern Family just won big at the Emmys, and season 4 begins on Sky1 just a few days after starting over in Americashire.  Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is pregnant, and that’s going to be a big part of the new season.  Expect more laughs and more awards in 12 months time.

Red Dwarf X, Dave – Tuesday 9pm

It’s now more than 24 years since Red Dwarf first aired on BBC2.  The show returned on Dave for three special episodes in 2009, and now we have series 10.  It remains to be seen if there’s still an audience for the show, as the ratings for each of the Back To Earth specials dropped, but it still has the same four stars as it used to, and it’s written by the same people (Doug Naylor and Rob Grant) so maybe there’s life in the old dog yet.

Merlin, BBC1 – Saturday 7:45pm

BBC1 fill the Doctor Who-shaped hole in their listings this Saturday with the return of Merlin for a 5th series.  The first two episodes of the series will see Merlin and King Arthur travel into the frozen wastelands of the north to face off against Mordred (I’m pretending I know what any of this means).  Expect magic to happen.

Freeview Film of the Week:

Spider-man 2 (2004), Channel 5 -Sunday 7:40pm

Sam Raimi’s Spider-man was good, but Spider-man 2 is great and one of the best superhero movies of recent years.  Peter Parker wants to give up his ‘great responsibility’ and mend his relationship with Mary-Jane, but Harry Osborn and Doc Ock have plans of their own.