The Red, The White and The Blue

The Red, The White and The Blue

If you were going to name the top alt rock bands of Great Britain chances are Ash and Feeder would rank pretty highly. So it would make sense then that the bassist from one (Feeder) and the drummer from the other (by process of elimination, Ash) would get together to form a band.

The Red, The White and The Blue is the new project featuring Rick McMurray from Ash on drums and Taka Hirose from Feeder on bass. Rounding the group out is Paul Cronin on guitars and Ed Loades on vocals.

Their debut (The Balloonist) is a concept album told over ten songs and in a move that follows on from Ash’s penchant for unorthodox publicity campaigns, will be accompanied by ten issues of a comic book strip, one for each of the songs on the album. It is to be released in print and on CD as well as available as digital downloads from November 1st.

The ambitious project spearheaded by guitarist Paul Cronin, an ex-member of pop-rockers Ivyrise.

“I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time and wanted to make it come alive as vividly as possible, combining the music and visuals to tell one story.”

The story in question is a love triangle between two feuding brothers over a girl that turns deadly. You can see a preview for yourself here

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