Running Dogs – Turn Me/Rumpunch (Single Review)

Retro-inspired British rock bands are far from rare. A couple have enjoyed critical and commercial (Arctic Monkeys), while the majority are still fighting to prove they can go the distance (The Vaccines). It’s a difficult niche to occupy, and it seems like every day, a new band appears on the scene.

Running Dogs are a four-piece band from Brighton, and they may have the edge required to acheive success in a saturated genre.

They have just released their double A side ‘Turn Me’/’Rumpunch’ as a very limited edition  7” and download.

‘Rumpunch’ starts off with a 60s garage-vibe-infused distortion, and does not fail to deliver on this giddy promise. Relentlessly frantic guitars and percussion drive the track to the constant refrain of ‘Where did you get those eyes?’. The track is three minutes of dizzy, rum-soaked fun.

‘Turn Me (Baby)’ is a slight change of pace, toning down the roaring guitar and bass lines a slight notch, allowing Dan Dorrington’s fraut, urgent vocals to take centre stage. While the lyrics and vocals could easily be overshadowed by the heady rush of bass and drums, Dorrington’s vocals are strong, and unique enough to shine through.

Running Dogs are the best elements of recent British rock bands distilled down and wrapped up in suits (a refreshing change to the skinny jeans and button down shirt brigade), and an LP is eagerly anticipated.

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