New Video: Trust – Dressed For Space

Trust – Dressed For Space. . . After an initial, psychotic laugh ‘HA HA HA HA HA HA’ and curiosity about how such a video ever got made post 1989, or if in fact this is just a video from the 80’s – I realised, maybe actually there’s more to it.  I’m duly informed that what’s haunting my eye balls is ‘a miasmic kaleidoscope of candy colours and writhing dancers’ which is ‘oddly haunting as it is visually stunning’.  80’s dance music was God awful – I may have still been on breast milk at the time, but Christ I remember it. Various music publications are praising this neon nightmare in front of me, yet I feel like it belongs in a New York Strip Club or a bad porno. I feel like a child has given me a shit and I’m obliged to take it. I appreciate musical influence from previous decades can benefit the sound of a band/artist but to bring the eighties back in its purest of form is pure fucking evil, and amusingly sadistic.

After deciding maybe the video was to blame for the panic attack of rage I was going through – I listened to the track without the video, and it does somewhat improve matters. The gothic synthpops melodic synths and morbid vocals echo Joy Divisions Ian Curtis, and induce a wry nostalgia. I encourage a change in dance music with Guetta’s generic pop offering a purely primitive visceral experience, yet Trust also hits generic dead on – just twenty years too late, and with a video that’s one dancer away from a shell suit.

Still interested? ‘Dressed For Space’, will be released on the 5th of October on Arts & Crafts/PIAS, as an EP featuring a new track, ‘Divine’, and remixes by Baron Von Luxxury and Alixander III. The official video for ‘Dressed For Space’ is a psychedelic offering from director Norman Wong. The single precedes the band’s debut LP, TRST, which hits the UK on October 15th following Trust’s European tour.

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