New Video: Bastille – Bad Blood

Bastille are set to storm the music world. The opening is deep and dark and the lead singer’s voice is as sleek as ever. The song writing appears effortless because, though rather plain, they are honest. (We’ve all understood the line ‘As our friendship goes, resentment grows’ at one point in our lives). The steady drum and bass beat keeps the song strong and smooth in transition plus the choir of ahhs adds power and brings definition to the chorus- it is also becoming a common and defining feature for the band in general. The shift to the ‘I don’t want to hear about the bad blood anymore’ section is seamless and provides the perfect let-up in the song, it gives you just enough time off the reigning style of the track not to become bored of it. All I can say it that, after this song and ‘Flaws’, there is undeniably not one paper cut drop of bad blood between Bastille and me.

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