New Music: We Are The Physics – Applied Robotics

On the 22nd of October ‘We Are Physics’ release their 2nd album ‘Your Friend The Atom’. You only have to look at the track list to know it’s going to be a gooden. With witty song names like ‘Junky Buns’, ‘Circuit Babies’ and ‘Dildonics’, it’s hard to even resist not youtubing them, if it’s the first time you’ve heard of them.This new breed of punk band formed in Glasgow in 05′ bring so much to the table, fueled by pure madness, with strummed out punk bass lines, immense guitar riffs and broken up drum beats, really bring the kick to this fresh punk pie! Another great example to why these guys are a one of a kind instant knock-outs.

Okay so let’s talk about their new album, and one song especially Applied Robotics which, if I had to abuse my description rights then I would say, it’s like a chemical explosion in a science lab with instruments present and the result? This glorious band! A glorious band with bags of charisma and originality that shine through each and every song, bringing to mind a indie version of early Green day, and if that is anything to go by then the album is going to be a real treat.

With the success of their debut album and pumped up live shows, all over the world, it’s clear to see their making a name for them selves in a big way; touring along side the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars and Franz Ferrdinand, aswell as performing at huge UK festivals such as T In The Park on the NME/Radio1 Stage.

So with their new album on the way in late 2012, it’s no wonder that 2013 is looking very promising for them, I mean they have just recruited me into their ever growing fan base, aswell as staring in a feature film, God Help The Girl during next year too.

So expect great things from We Are Physics because, the chemistry between their sound and your ears is inevitable.

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