During an interview with the Guardian, Mike Skinner used to the words “regurgitated Raymond Chandler” to describe his lyrics. Regurgitated seems to be the only fitting word for the latest product of Mr Skinner and Rob Harvey (The Music). The D.O.T’s latest track “You Never Asked” is Hip Hop, Soul and House chewed up and spat out in the form of a seamless, memorable track, completely dissident to the word “genre”.

With vocals from singer-songwriter Claire Maguire and American rapper Danny Brown thrown into the equation, “You Never Asked” makes the perfect single for the upcoming release of the album “And That”. With The Streets now laid to rest, Mike seems to be focusing much more on the production side of his music, whilst Rob takes more of a lead with the vocals.

A Hip-Hop beat on loop lays the foundations for Claire Maguire’s soothing vocals before a mini breakdown drops for the first verse. The contrast between the up tempo backing and more melodic tones from the vocals can induce a wincing confusion. However bare with it and all becomes clear. Danny Brown’s “You Never Asked” debut is made two minutes in, and oh man, is it a treat. He steals the track in just a few bars and the harmonising vocals which come in-between complete The D.O.T’s mission. A pure taste of good things to come, with the album due to drop and cause a storm on 22nd October.