New Music: Sam Flax – Child of Glass

If you name a song “Child of Glass” then people with any kind of knowledge of music may immediately think of the seminal track “Heart of Glass”.  It would appear that may have been deliberate in the new single by Sam Flax.

The track, a punch, elegant and lush dance track wears its eighties influence proudly on its sleeve and is full of fat electronic beats, crunchy riffs and breathy vocals that evoke the neon decade that seems to be in vogue right now.

The mournful, calling lyrics are quite incongruous in a heady mixture of electronica and disco which is richly produced; at times the levels are deliberately fuzzy which makes it seem almost like being on the dance floor at a club.

At times things take a turn for near parody, with a late bongo session that rings a little false but the track will still be welcome on dance floors , played on phones and iPods and on the radio.

One comment

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