New Music: Menomena – Pique

Coming hot on the heels of the scuzzy and brilliant “Capsule”, Menomena’s follow up single “Pique” is a rich, dark and low fi track that is like a staccato roar of thunder.

A distinctly latin guitar licks away in the background whilst a steady rolling drum beat keeps up a steady rhythm.  The whole track sounds lush, grandiose but still retains the dark and strange nature of “Capsule”.

The lyrics are exciting, dark and this time a tiny bit more accessible.  The singer sounds a little bit like the “Foo Fighters” or even “Kings of Leon” but there is little else that sounds similar between these acts.

From a slow, frankly ominous opening bar until the last blare of trumpets that end the track on an almost too sudden note, the whole track fuses together nicely.  The lyrics dominate the song from about twenty seconds in and then the rest of the music weaves around it like some kind of wicked, drunken snake.

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