If they wished to, Australian rockers “Me” could do some serious name dropping during a general chit chat. Having toured with the likes of Kasabian, Panic at the Disco and King Charles, racking up a huge UK gig binge of over 100 shows this year alone. With such a lot to live up to, the first listen to their latest output is a sheer edge of your seat/ can’t press play quick enough, kind of madness. And it’s safe to say they don’t disappoint.

“Like A Fox” is the first to the double A-side single, with front man Luke Ferris greeting us with Matt Bellamy stylised vocals in the crowd favourite opening line “Wake up, my dreams were so much harder than yours.” They most certainly are an eye opener with immeasurable amounts of energy. “Rock and Roll Dandy”, a sharp contrast with witty lyrics, attitude and infectious guitar riffs. With so many layers to this track it’s a real treat for the ears, reminding us of the true essence of rock and roll that seemed to have been lost in recent years. Mid-way through operatic vocals appear in a psychedelic fashion, sort of like an alternative answer to a Queen track. “Me” have certainly set a high standard for themselves, leaving die hard indie fans pining for more. We hope they can bring something dramatic to the table, shaking the rock and roll world into a new lease of life.