New Music: Lemonade – Softkiss (Pional Remix)

Ahead of the start of their UK tour, the 3-sum have unveiled 2 remixes of the hit ‘Soft Kiss’, one by Pional and the other by Anthony Naples.

Okay so starting off with the Pional remix. It definitely fits in with the idea the song name brings, and pushs it back in time with a retro dance floor vibe, bringing to mind a scene of a slow dance at an American Prom. There is a mild paced drum beat that starts the song off and gets the fingers tapping, but stops instantaneously as soon as the other synths start, crushing any hopes of an upbeat remix, but for the way the song pans out, that can be forgiven, as Pional really match the style of sound lemonade have.

The Anthony Naples remix however adds a slightly different flavour then Pional’s, giving a more club vibe to the song, with distorted beats to open the song making it the perfect club mix, not my cup of tea, as the constant loop gets very repetitive and leaves me fading  out as nothing special is happening, apart from the random electronic beeps and farts founding most club anthems, added quite skillfully I might say, again making the club Djs I’m sure flock out to have this on their list of other floor fillers. Although the following line may seen negative I assure you it isn’t. My favourite part of the track is the ending, where all the beats are slowly joined together by a wave of distortion, moulding the entire thing together in a static ending, a very pleasant sound to my ears (in a good way), sparking up the inspiration for young aspiring Djs, definitely a younger version of Pionals.

Both serving a different purpose, but very pleasing, I can see Lemonade being a storm in the clubbing world, however… I’ll just stick to the drink.

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