New Music: 2:54 – Killer

Cover version of Seal and Adamski’s ‘Killer’

In advance of their new tour, 2:54 launches “Killer”, a re-working of the 1990 classic by Seal and Adamski. The original track spent 4 weeks at number 1 on release and sold over 400,000 copies in the UK alone. Huge pop legend shoes for sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow to fill.

If you are familiar with 2:54 you could be forgiven for expecting some melancholy, riff driven, slo-mo version of the song. From the opening seconds of the track, it becomes quickly apparent that this is a whole different side to the band. The re-working has aimed for nearly the same beat, rhythm and speed, altering the pitch to suit the girl’s vocals but otherwise presenting the energy and feel of the original. Taking off from this solid platform of nostalgia comes the power of the lyrics, drawn out by the voices mixing and blending through the track. The haunting sentiment behind the song is preserved and modernized in 2:54’s distinctive dark harmonies.

In consideration of the new single, it should be noted that 2:54 have a unique sound. So unique in fact that they have set themselves apart from the emo-v’s-goth squabble and carved out an entirely new niche. Bringing to mind the romance and beauty of classic 80’s goth, they ignore all convention and hammer out their dark riffs and haunting vocals, carrying their rapidly growing army of fans along with them. Standing far apart from all other bands who operate in their broad genre of dark-alternative, nevertheless tackling a 90’s pop song seems oddly fitting for them.

2:54 take on the tricky task of moving an adored pop song out of its comfort zone and repackaging it to have the same impact on a whole new generation of fans. The fact is, they nail it. Completely. More proof, if any were needed, that this band has only just scratched the surface of their skills.

2.54 hit the road on 12th September and will return to the UK in Nottingham on 27th October. Their self titled first album is out now.

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