My Preserver’s latest single from their forthcoming debut album, Revolutions in the Head (November), arrives amidst a high level of industry buzz.

The material on their debut album was produced by Premen Underhill, who has previously worked with Bloc Party and the Klaxons, giving you some idea of what to expect from the band’s sound.

‘You Know Something That I Don’t Know’ blasts off from the first second with an intoxicating blend of electro and rock, reminiscent of Muse. Big, ballsy riffs suggest a track that was constructed with big arena venues in mind. The intro builds to an infectious, anthemic chorus further solidifying this idea.

My Preserver have exploded on to the British rock music scene, completely unapologetic for their intent, and this brash attitude works for them, infusing the track with a giddy energy. While some of their lyrics tend to verge on generic, and they have some work to do in order to avoid collapsing under the weight of comparisons to bands such as Muse, My Preserver are an exciting band, and definitely one to watch.