Martin Moone is the youngest member of the Moone family, and the only boy.  He has three sisters who probably don’t really like him (he returns home the day before his 12th birthday to be told ‘Mum says you were a mistake’) and an imaginary friend called Sean (Chris O’Dowd), a man instead of the more traditional boy.  The first episode of the series deals with two kinds of bullying.  The first is Martin being bullied by the Bonner brothers at school, and the second is Martin’s dad, and other dads of the town, being bullied by their children.

Martin attempts to enlist the help of Declan Mannion, a classy bully who’ll take your lunch money, but give it back to you on a Friday if he’s won money betting on greyhound racing (he also has his own variations on Chinese burns and wet willies), but Declan requires a feel of the boobs of one of Martin’s sisters, whichever one has them.  When Martin innocently selects Trisha to keep his end of the deal with Declan, she reacts badly, giving Declan a mouthful of abuse, which results in him falling in love with her.  During this torrent of abuse, Sean, who has picked up a banjo from nowhere, randomly plays it every time she swears.

When Martin comes home on his birthday with his new bike destroyed, his dad decides he is going to storm round to the Bonner house to tell their dad to keep his kids in line (he takes a hammer with him, just in case).  But when he gets there, he discovers that Gerry Bonner is in fact a lovely, lovely man, who is as frustrated by his kids as Liam is.  They share some drinks together, and Liam is eventually invited by Gerry’s poker night, which includes some other local dads.  As they talk before they start playing, Liam confesses he doesn’t know how to play poker, but none of the other dads do either.  They are simply desperate to get away from their kids, and the same is true when they organise a fishing trip, they don’t know how to fish, they just sit by the water with long sticks dipping into it.

These two stories combine to make a very entertaining and often very funny first episode of Moone Boy.  It’s not often that a comedy will have the confidence to have multiple story lines in a pilot, but it does a great job of balancing both stories throughout the episode and resolving them both in funny ways.

The first episode was much better than I was expecting, and I’ll definitely be watching it again.

One thought on “Moone Boy – Episode 1 ‘Men Of The Houses’ Review”
  1. Can Someone Please For The Love Of God Just Tell Me why this show is DOWNRIGHT MEAN SPIRITED????????????????? I Simply CAN’T Understand why Martin’s Parents don’t just get rid of him if they don’t want him!!!