There are two forms of disruption in the Moone household this week; the unexpected return of Liam’s busker brother Daniel, and a spot of trouser tent trouble for Martin.

It’s immediately clear that Liam and Daniel don’t really get on, and as the kids crowd around Daniel to hear stories of his travels across the world and shows them photos, Liam tuts and shakes his head in the background.

Meanwhile Martin has discovered that a powerful combination of Gabriela Sabatini and racy animated shampoo adverts can cause unexpected action in his trousers, something that he doesn’t understand, and something that Liam is not exactly confident about explaining to him.  Daniel offers to do if for Liam, but Liam isn’t having it, and he has an awkward talk with Martin, blurting out random gibberish about ‘birds, bees and other winged creatures’, before Daniel rescues everyone by taking Martin out busking.

If you’re wondering where Sean is, well he’s been rejected by Martin, who was embarrassed when Daniel caught him talking to Sean (in other words, to himself), so finds himself in a bar having a relaxing pint with other rejected imaginary friends.  Padraig’s imaginary friend Crunchie Haystacks is there too, but not because he’s been rejected, he just pops in when Padraig’s asleep.

It’s a nice change for the series, and although Martin initially looks up to Daniel and enjoys his stories and the more relaxed attitude he has compared to his dad, he soon starts to miss Sean when Daniel’s nomadic lifestyle leaves him without anyone to turn to.

The frostiness between Liam and Daniel seems to come from their differing relationships with their father.  While Daniel’s been away, the Moone’s decided he would be better off in a home, and when the family are dragged along to see him (even though it’s not Christmas), Daniel gets most of the attention from him while Liam sulks.  Later in the episode, Liam discovers the truth about Daniel’s exciting travels (he tells Martin that he’s been working as a roadie for U2, looking after The Edge’s plectrums), which is what makes Daniel leave, but it’s not long before Sean is back to cheer Martin up.

It’s another good episode of Moone Boy, with plenty of particularly funny moments, like Padraig listing euphemisms for what Martin’s experiencing, despite having no idea what they mean, and Daniel’s (entirely made up) tales of travelling the world.  Moone Boy continues to be a fun and funny show.