Hey Sholay – ((O)) (Album Review)

The sweet indie pop five-piece Hey Sholay are releasing their debut album, ((O)), on the fifth of November. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait THAT long, it’s available to buy on iTunes right now.

The first single from their new album (released on the 24th of September) is a little gem titled ‘My Blood’. There is to be an official video released on YouTube soon but in the mean time, there’s a video from their (culture and entertainment guide) ‘Exposed’ session at Sheffield Cathedral, which is a cute little set that gets up close with the band. Plus it showcases the song perfectly. It’s a good choice for a first single as its got a little psychedelic feel that I think is quite signature to the band, but also; its damn catchy. The album as a whole is pretty great to be honest, so I’m just going to go over my favourite tracks.

‘The Bears, The Clocks, The Bee’s’ is a real upbeat song and I think people can connect with it because the lyrics are dealing with how you can’t turn back the clock, and how much has changed since you were young. It’s so relatable it evokes a bit of nostalgia, even sadness if you’re in fact, feeling quite old. ‘Dreamboat’ has the scratchy guitar and off beat drum that makes it a fun, indie pop sing along tune. I think it would a good one to see live because it just makes you want to burst out singing along to it. My favourite song on the album is ‘Wishbone’; it’s such a funky little triumph with an explosive guitar riff exploding into the chorus. It’s not often I hear a song that I think ‘wow I’ve not really heard anything like that’ and that’s what happened after I listened to it. So I listened to it again a few times. I would really recommend this album and I’m looking forward to checking out this Hey Sholay when they come to Glasgow this month.

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