Dave Aju – Listen To Your Heartbeat (Single Review)

Fresh from the West Coast of America, Dave Aju’s new EP features the song “Listen To Your Heartbeat”.  A funky, discordant and jerky piece of music, it’s an interesting listen.

Featuring a rambling, shifting lyrical beat that slides around a sawn-off chorus, the song is partially a funky riff but features lots of strange, broken bits of music, odd sound effects and moments that clang to the floor in a stop-start way.

You couldn’t hope to dance to it, though you could have a fit and it might match the tone of the music a bit more.  It’s too intrusive to make good background music and it’s not cool enough to be a good ambient track.

In some ways it recalls music like “Add N to X” with its experimental sound and broken up beats but it isn’t an easy song to enjoy.  The chorus, what little of it there is, is enjoyable and a bit more direct but the rest feels like it’s trying far too hard to be weird.

The rapid fire ending throws yet another turn of pace, one change of gears too many perhaps.  One second and third listens, when you know what to expect, the song has more appeal.  But there are a few people who would not get past a first listen.

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