PYRAMIDS are made up of Ok Go’s Tim Nordwind and ex He Say She Say’s vocalist Drea Smith. It’s an interesting union, and the pair are both taking a step into the unknown with this EP, a sound that is much darker and expressive than their previous projects.

They met through a mutual friend and instantly bonded over their love of dark British pop from the 80’s. Their adoration of bands like Joy Division and The Smiths, and their equal appreciation for the more obscure newer bands like Micachu and The Shapes and Norwind is said to have been the driving force behind their musical collaboration.

Opener ‘That Ain’t Right’ is a strong start to the EP.  Smiths sultry vocals set aside Norwind’s simple guitar riff makes for a moody but unquestionably catchy experience. ‘Don’t Go’ is very Bat For Lashes, which I think is a huge compliment to any band.

‘Picture Perfect’ has elements of Joy Division musically, and is an absolute pleasure to listen too.  ‘Human Beings’ the EP’s title track isn’t a favourite, but isn’t bad at the same time, it just doesn’t really ‘do’ much. ‘Animal’ is a personal highlight – and for OK Go fans, you can hear tinges of their signature sound on this track.

The EP finishes with a DMK remix of ‘Human Beings’ which is much catchier than its original. PYRAMIDS are a duo that quite clearly wear their influences on their sleeve, and are all the more enhanced for it. If PYRAMIDS plan for ‘Human Beings’ was to whet the appetites of fans for an album release, I’d imagine that they will achieve what they set out to do with this thoroughly intriguing and diverse debut EP.